Follow these simple guidelines to create professional looking documents for your business.

If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please email us or call with your questions (734) 788-8635.

  1. Select the document you wish to customize
  2. Insert appropriate information to input fields and modify default copy, if/where you prefer.
    (NOTE: Be sure to carefully review default copy and enter your company information, where applicable. For example; "Our Shop"--within default copy, should be replaced with the actual name of your company.)
  3. Preview input fields and document.
  4. Edit if necessary
  5. Submit to shopping cart - (All print orders will receive a "hard copy" proof before printing)!
  6. Type billing / shipping info
  7. Enter credit card option
  8. Submit your order
  9. For "pdf file only" purchases - select "printable PDF" in the Shopping Cart.
    (We'll send you a "Hi-Resolution" pdf file for your use).
    A low-resolution pdf "proof" will be sent prior for approval.

  10. If you are ordering printed products; the following, additional steps will occur:
  11. A designer will review your document for technical correctness
  12. You will receive a "hard copy" proof copy within 48 hrs
  13. Carefully review the Proof and reply back accordingly.
  14. Upon approval of the Proof, you will customarily receive your order within 3-5 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my company name filled with the color family gradient like shown in the example document?

The gradient is not applied to the company name text by the online system. A professional designer will make this addition to your document after your order has been submitted. Your proof copy and the preview on the screen will show the company name text in solid black or white depending upon the individual document. Rest assured the company name text will utilize the proper color family gradient fill in the final product. If you wish for the company name text to be filled in something other than the color family gradient please note this with your order.

What digital logo formats are acceptable for upload into a document?

The system accepts TIF, JPG (JPEG) and PDF formats from MAC or PC created platforms. (EPS format can be used ONLY if they have a "tif preview". If you're not familiar enough to create this or lack the proper software, please use one of the formats listed above.

What is the minimum size logo I can upload into a document?

Company logo files should be at least 3" x 3" at 300 DPI. Typically, this means a JPEG file size of at least 200Kb. Logos copied from Internet web pages are usually too small for printing purposes.

What is the Color Choice field used for?

The document color choice option allows you to select the same document in six different color options so you can better match the document styling to your logo or store colors.

How do I change the text on the document?

Text, or copy, on the document can be changed by editing the associated variable data field listed on the document page. You can change all of the copy in a field by deleting the default copy and typing in your desired wording. Or, you can change just some of the copy by replacing selections of the default copy. The preview window will update to reflect the changes when you tab or click out of the variable data field.

How do I see what my document changes look like?

The automatic preview window at the bottom of the page will show you a thumbnail of your modified document every time you make a change. Click the view or refresh preview link below the thumbnail image to see a larger preview. A new window will open showing your customized document in detail. By leaving the preview window open and clicking the view or refresh preview you can see you changes as you make them.

Is there an easier way to create my customized document if I have a large number of changes to make?

Yes, simply send us a PDF or Word document containing your desired copy. Please be very specific about what copy goes where and on what page so our designers can make the changes for you in an efficient manner. Include any necessary photos you want placed and note which page and in what position (if multiple placeholders) they belong.

What if I want a document not shown on the site or I want changes made to a document that do not have variable data fields assigned?

We are a full featured design and print shop. We can change any of the available templates to suit your needs or even create an entirely new document if you wish. Please email us or call (734) 788-8635 for professional design services.